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Fusegi Jutsu

The Self-Defense Course
of Danzan
-Ryū Jūjutsu

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by Professor George Arrington

Foreword by Professor Tony Janovich

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A great new look at the self-defense techniques from Professor Okazaki's Kodenkan Dōjō. Loaded with hundreds of action-packed photos.

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This is a great set of techniques and variations of self-defense techniques that are applicable to anyone.

This e-Book includes:
  • Detailed explanation of self-defense techniques with accompanying photos.
  • Self-defense arts against knife and pistol attacks.
  • Knockout blows against serious attacks.
  • BONUS! The Commando Hand-To-Hand Combatives course taught by Professor Okazaki to American Soldiers during World War II.
  • BONUS! Two never-before published speeches given by Professor Okazaki in the 1930's. These give fresh new insights into the Danzan-Ryū founder.
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