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Hand-To-Hand Combat

From World War II

with exclusive DECLASSIFIED material

by Professor George Arrington

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Hand-To-Hand Combat From World War II

A valuable piece of military history from one of  the  
top Jūjutsu instructors under Professor H. S. Okazaki. 

These hand-to-hand techniques were used in combat during WWII and had their origins in Danzan-Ryū Jūjutsu.

This e-Book includes:
  • A complete hand-to-hand combat course taught to U.S. Army paratroopers in WWII.
  • Original course outline with detailed instructions.
  • Eighty-five declassified photographs showing hand-to-hand techniques for:
    • Grab defenses
    • Choke defenses
    • Strike defenses
    • Knife and club defenses
    • Serious and fatal strikes
    • Disabling joint locks and much more...
  • Historical background material.
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