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The Hand Arts of Danzan-Ryū Jūjutsu

by Professor George Arrington

Foreword by Professor Wally Jay

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A Classic! This is an e-Book conversion and update of the 1993 edition. It's a great addition for any martial arts library.

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Originally written in 1993 as a large-format paperback, this 2nd edition is a 73-page PDF download (38.8 MB). It contains a version of Yawara taught in 1993. While the pictures may be a little dated, the techniques are still applicable TODAY!

This edition includes:
  • Each of the 20 Yawara techniques fully described and illustated with over 120 detailed photographs.
  • NEW! Correct Kanji for all techniques and many of the Japanese terms throughout the book. (This was not included in the 1993 edition.)
  • Conversion of the 1993 edition into an easily searchable PDF document.
  • A thorough correction of the 1993 edition.
Note: This is a large file (38.8 MB). Please allow several minutes for download

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