The Science of Self-Defense
for Girls and Women

The Science of Self-Defense for Girls and Women
The 1929 Classic by Prof. Henry S. Okazaki
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This is Prof. Henry S. Okazaki's 1929 classic on women's self-defense. Written during his years on the island of Maui, this book shows a variety of methods for women to protect themselves from a variety of grab attacks and knife/pistol defenses. Prof. Okazaki describes his motivation for writing the book as follows:

"I cannot keep this art to myself for I wish to teach girls
and women how best to protect themselves should they ever
be so unfortunate as to be attacked. I feel it is my duty to
offer this knowledge of mine to women for their benefit and

This version of the book is taken from a high-resolution scan and converted into a unrestricted, searchable PDF on CD-ROM. This will allow the reader the capability to search for specific text, copy pages to files and print any or all of the pages.
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