Soke of Small-Circle Jujitsu

by Prof. Wally Jay

Editor's Note: Jujitsu America's Newsletter "Tegami" contains a regular letter from Professor Wally Jay. In the Summer 1996 issue, he addresses the question of the Soke (inheritor) of his Small-Circle Jujitsu system. His decision is surprising.

The Small Circle Jujitsu has gained much attention on the Internet. Inquiries about it's validity, inheritors, and the founder. Here is the answer to one of the main topics. Several asked why did Wally Jay name three inheritors instead of naming only his son Leon Jay as tradition dictates? I have been considered a rebel all of my martial arts career. Whenever I find a better way to do something, I do it. If tradition is in my way, I circumvent it. I have made lots of enemies because I did not conform to the traditions. This is America and I do what is best for me and my followers. My main objective is to make my techniques better and simpler. I am a realist and a modernist, a rebel to others.

The reason I named several inheritors was after the death of William Chow, James Mitose, and the latest Ed Parker. They did not name their heirs and claims come from everywhere that " I am the chosen one". I learned a lesson from these three. I have named Lee Eichelberger as an Advisor and Heir. Being in his sixties he is more knowledgable in the Small Circle as he has seen it in its growth. I named Leon and two others that I felt would be compatible to ensure growth.

When I first met Ed Melaugh in the late seventies, we did demos together and he helped me in the clinics. I felt that he would be a great leader and technician. I met Ron Ogi and seeing how he operates as an organizer, teacher, technician and friend, I kmew he would be a boon to my system. I decided to name these four. All of these young men work compatibly and will help each other when I am gone and makes me feel fulfillment and contentment. Take the Parker system, there is so much animosity among the leaders. That I do not want, so I picked the best four and they are compatible. We are family (Ohana). By the way see you at Ohana at Labor Day weekend.


Prof. Wally Jay

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