Sensei Gary Anderson

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Sensei Gary Anderson has been a student of the School of Ancient Martial Arts since its relocation to Salt Lake City from southern California. Since starting at the school in January, 1993 as a new-to-the-art white belt, he has earned his Shodan belt and is currently working on his Nidan.

Gary is a certified EMT and has worked in the security profession for many years. He is currently finishing school as a certified massage therapist and starting school in sports therapy. He is married and has two children.

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(L-R) Sensei David Woodland, Prof. Dom Carrollo, Sensei Gary Anderson and Prof. Mike Lynch.

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Prof. Wally Jay applying a finger lock to Sensei Gary Anderson.

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(L-R) Prof. Mike Lynch, Sensei Gary Anderson, Prof. Wally Jay, Sensei David Woodland


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