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Mokuroku and Kaidenshō:

The Official Documents of Danzan-Ryū Jūjutsu

UPDATED 5th Edition

by Professor George Arrington, Hanshi

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A must-have for ALL Danzan-Ryū students and anyone interested in martial arts!

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Originally written in 1996 as a large-format paperback, this 5th edition is a 155 page PDF download (42 MB) packed with a wealth of searchable information about the Danzan-Ryū documents and more.

This edition includes:
  • Translation of two complete Mokuroku catalog scrolls, with:
    • Scan of the original document
    • Line-by-line readable printed Japanese Kanji text
    • Romaji of the kanji of each line
    • Direct translation of each line
  • Inclusion of the Mokuroku of Ray Law, Sig Kufferath, Bing-Fai Lau.
  • Translation of Kaidensho graduation certificates from 1948, 1993, 2003 and 2013
    (Each includes the same type of translation as the Mokuroku shown above)

  • Information on other ranks and certificates found in Danzan-Ryū
  • Interesting historical and background information on the system
  • NEW! Better graphical kanji fonts
  • NEW! Information on the Okuden/Koden material beyond the Mokuroku curriculum