Hawaii 1997

or "What I did on my Summer Vacation"

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The Banquet

On Sunday evening, there was an elaborate banquet for Prof. Jay held at the Sheraton Wakiki. We were entertained by Hawaiian music and a wonderful buffet was served. Each of the seminar instructors was brought up on the stage and given an award and a seminar jacket.

Prof. Jay receives award from Gerald McKenzie

Here we see Jujitsu America President Gerald McKenzie presenting an award to Prof. Wally Jay as Leon Jay loooks on. Notice all of the lei's around his neck!

Small Circle Jujitsu International Officers

Prof. Jay presented the officers of Small Circle Jujitsu International with awards and black belt ranks. Shown here are (left to right): Robert Gale, Stan Miller, Chris Peterson, Lee Eichelberger, Ron Ogi, Leon Jay and Ed Melaugh. The last four were named last year as the next generation inheritors of Small Circle Jujitsu.

Friends: Old and New

Here is a collection of photos of old and new friends from the convention and banquet:

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Saragosa

Danny Saragosa and his wife. Danny is the Secretary of the American Jujitsu Institute.

Sensei Lyle Ho

Sensei Lyle Ho of Kara Ho Kempo. Sensei Ho lives and teaches Kempo in Hawaii.

Robert Reish

Robert Reish has been involved in Danzan-Ryu Jujutsu for many years. He is good friends with my original instructors, Mike and Steve Belzer.

Professor Willy Cahill and me

Professor Willy Cahill and me. On Friday morning, while I was sitting in the lobby of my hotel, I was attacked from behind with a rear strangle. After deftly neutralizing the attack (yeah, right), I turned around to see my old friend Willy Cahill. Willy is a really cool dude!

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